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The following is a message received directly from the APA help line about how to cite MMY in EBSCO:


The Mental Measurements Yearbook is a type of database.  Therefore, please keep in mind that many institutions and individuals may not have access to the database, so if the reviews you are citing are published elsewhere it would be helpful to cite that source instead.  However, it does state in the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual that database names may be given for material of limited circulation (7.01, p. 202), so if you feel that the reviews you need to cite fall into that category, then you can use the Mental Measurements Yearbook database as a reference.  Two example references are listed below:

 Smith, J. H. (2010). Title [Review of the book xxxxxx by J.S. Brown & P. Duguid].

Available from Mental Measurements Yearbook database. (Identifying Database

No. inserted here)


Smith, J. H. (2010). Title [Review of the commercial test xxxxxx by L. Johnson]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxx

As you can see from above, list the author’s name, the year of publication, the title of the review, and in brackets state the work being reviewed and who it was by.  If there is a direct webpage that can be used to find the review, use the second reference.  If not, use the first one.


Although extremely, helpful this still leaves some questions.  Notice that most entries include two reviews.  It is my assumption that these reviews should be cited separately.  Here is an example that may be closer to what you will need:

Dunn, L., & Dunn, D. (1959). Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (4th ed.). [Review  of the

commercial test Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (4th ed.) by J. Kush & S.

Shaw].  Available from Mental Measurements Yearbook database. (AN: 18073480)