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CJS 369/470: World Criminal Justice Systems/Seminar in International Justice, Human Rights, and Conflict Resolution (Beichner): Home

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Organizing Your Research

Citing Sources



This guide collects potentially helpful resources for Dr. Beichner's CJS 369 and CJS 470 assignments. Many of the resources below are relevant to both courses, so feel free to browse anything that looks useful.

If you need more assistance, or have other questions, feel free to contact me using the information in the box to the left. My email address, phone number, and office numbers are listed there. Note that I have walk-in office hours on Wednesday afternoons in Schroeder Hall. You can also book an appointment with me in my Milner office with the Book Appointment button.

Reference/Library Sources

Reference Sources provide answers to basic research questions, and provide general overviews on a particular topic. These sources are great for the beginning of your research. 


Databases - Journal Articles

Global News Sources

News Databases:

News Sources: