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Government Information: Mission and Policies

This is a guide to assist users in finding government information.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: Milner Library will inspire its patrons with  its vital, living and useful depository collection offering historically rich and current government information.

Mission Statement:  Milner Library’s Federal Depository Collection will collect, organize, preserve and provide free and unimpeded public access to United States government resources in support of Illinois State University's mission and curricular needs. As a unit within Milner Library, we strive to serve the informational needs of the general public and the 15th Congressional District communities. A strong emphasis is placed on teaching skills necessary to help create an informed and educated citizenry.

FDLP Requirements & Regulations

Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program (2011) 

  • Concise resource for current legal and program obligations for libraries in the Federal Depository Program.

FDLP Policies

Public Access Computer Workstations (page 26) from Chapter 4 "Public Services" in Federal Depository Library Handbook (1/2008)

"Public access computer workstations may require user authentication for security reasons; however, signage (on computers, posted at tables, on desks) MUST indicate that users may inquire at the public service desk for assistance.

Libraries may provide guests the ability to log in at a workstation or staff may log them in at authenticated stations. At a minimum, if all workstations providing Internet access require authentication, users should be directed to public service desks for assistance through mediated searching.

Time limits and the use of sign-up sheets are acceptable but should be no more severe than such measures used for non-depository workstation access.

The language on public workstations, web pages, and signage should promote access to government information rather than dissuading or limiting access."

See also Depository sent 6/4/08 attached in pdf below

Identification Issues in Depository Libraries Reviewed (from Administrative Notes 4/15/03)

See page 6.

Assuring Free Public Access to Federal Government Information (from Administrative Notes 4/15/03)

See pages 7 through 8. Includes practices considered impediments to depository access.

FDLP Internet Use Policy Guidelines (1998 revised 3/2003)

Instructions to Depository Libraries Revised 2000 -- (superseded by Federal Depository Library Handbook above)

See especially pages 31-33.

Depository Library Public Service Guidelines For Government Information in Electronic Formats (9/15/1998)

Recommended Specifications for Public Access Workstations in Federal Depository Libraries (effective 10/1/2009; no longer maintained 1/2011)

Subject Guide