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Milner Library Orientation

Get a general overview of Milner Library such as printing, textbooks, and setting up library accounts.

Setting up Your Library Account

Use the website below to create your account with provided steps.

  1. Click Library Accounts on the Library's home page (scroll to the middle)
  2. Click the Access your Milner/I-Share account button
  3. Click the Create New Account link (under the Login button)
  4. Enter your information
    • Use your ISU email
    • Use your ULID for username
    • Make note of your password (this password is NOT linked to your campus password)
  5. Borrower ID (Barcode Number)
    = your University ID number (on your Redbird card / in My Illinois State My Profile)
  6. I-Share Library Affiliation = Illinois State University
    DO NOT select Illinois State Library (Springfield)
  7. Click the Submit button