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EndNote Online

EndNote Online is a web-based program that allows you to organize your sources (articles, books, images, etc.), cite the sources while you write a paper, and prepare bibliographies.

Adding Sources to Your EndNote Library

Several databases offer the option to export directly into EndNote Online.

  1. Search for and select/mark sources within the chosen database
  2. From the selected/marked list, choose the export option
  3. Then choose the 'Export to EndNote Online' option
  4. EndNote Online will be launched and you will be prompted to log in
  5. Once you log in, the sources will automatically import
  6. Navigate to My References and add the Unfiled References to a designated group

No direct export option? Try exporting an RIS/tab-limited file.

Occasionally, it is necessary to add a source manually into EndNote Online.

  1. Log into EndNote Online
  2. Select the New Reference link in the Collect tab
  3. Add the relevant information into the appropriate fields of the Reference form
    Note: pay specific attention to the reference type and group fields
  4. Click the Save button

For more information about available reference types and associated fields, visit the Reference Types help page.

When a direct export into EndNote Online isn't available, you can usually save your sources in a generic format that will import.

  1. Search for and select/mark sources within the chosen database
    Visit this guide if you are exporting from RefWorks and then continue on from Step #3
  2. From the selected/marked list, export the sources either as an RIS or tab-delimited file
  3. Within EndNote Online, select the Import link from the Collect Tab
  4. Click the Browse button to find and select the export file containing your sources
  5. From the Filter drop down menu, select the RIS or tab-delimited filter
  6. If desired, select a group from the To drop down menu
  7. Click the Import button

For more information on Importing Tab-delimited files, view this help page

Several database vendors provide specific filters for exporting, view this list of vendors for more specific instructions.

From within EndNote Online you can search, the Milner Catalog, the I-Share Catalog, and the PubMed database.

  1. Click the Online Search from the Collect tab.
  2. In the connection file drop-down list, select the catalog or database.*
    Milner Catalog: Illinois State U
    I-Share Catalog: I-SHARE
    Pubmed: PubMed (NLM)
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. Enter the search phrase in the Search Criteria field.
  5. Select a field in the Search Field drop-down list to limit the search to a specific field.
  6. Add more search criteria if needed.
  7. Click the Search button.
  8. Once the search results are displayed, check a source and select a group from the Group drop down menu

*Add these to your Connection File Favorites list for ease of access.

To capture a source that is not part of a database, use the Capture option on the EndNote Online Toolbar or the Capture Reference bookmarklet.

  1. If you have not already done do, install the browser toolbar.*
  2. When viewing a web page, click the Capture button on the EndNote Online Toolbar or Capture Reference bookmarklet.
  3. You may be prompted to log into EndNote Online.
  4. A Capture New Reference window will open.
  5. Finish filling out the form (as needed) such as selecting source type and a source group.
  6. Click the Save button.

*More information about installing the toolbar or bookmarklet can be found on the Capture Help Page.

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