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How to Map to Drives

How to Map to Drives on a Milner Library Computer

This video shows how to map to a network drive on a Milner Library computer.

How to Map a Drive on a Library Computer

  1. Right click Computer icon on desktop.
  2. From popup menu, click Map Network Drive…
  3. In drive mapping window:
    • Choose a letter not currently in use from Drive dropdown.
    • Use Commonly Used Drives list to select desired drive pathway to enter in Folder box.  Copy the
    • Click box next to Connect using different credentials
    • Click Finish.
  4. After clicking Finish, a login box will appear.  Enter ULID (the part of your ISU email address before “”) in the format ADILSTU\yourULID in top box, then enter password in bottom box.
  5. Click OK.