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Researching Local Issues: Local Information

This guide is designed to assist students find research on local topics, particularly current social and political topics with different perspectives.

Local News

Daily Vidette

       Example results for search term "alcohol"

ISU Radio WZND News

ISU Report

The Pantagraph  (Bloomington-Normal)
       Full text coverage: From November 13, 1996 through current issue

Chicago Tribune
       Full text coverage: From 1847 through current issues


The Argus (Illinois Wesleyan newspaper) 

Daily Illini (UIUC newspaper)

The Scout (Bradley University newspaper)

Community Organizations

Encyclopedia of Associations
Reference work providing a comprehensive list of national organizations with brief descriptions. Floor 2 Reference, REF. HS17 .G33

Illinois Attorney General Charitable Database Search
Online site to search public charities and private foundations which are registered with the Attorney General’s Office and in compliance with the reporting requirements imposed upon them by Illinois law. Search by charity name, charity number, FEIN number, city, state and/or zip code. Results provide financial information on the organization including the IRS form 990 and 990-PF as well as annual reports.

Non Profit Organizations
Online listing of nonprofit organizations in Bloomington-Normal. (Use the EIN tax code to search in Guide Star)

Online site for Philanthropic Research, Inc. (PRI) provides financial information about nonprofit organizations from the IRS form 990-PF. Posting Form 990 images on the GuideStar website is an ongoing process. If a Form 990 image is available for your selected charity, you will see a "Form 990" button on the left side of its GuideStar Page. May need to register to retrieve selected information. 

Foundation Center 
Online search site for philanthropic organizations. for Nonprofits
Government information on nonprofits includes links to Grants, Loans, and Other Assistance, Management and Operations and Tax Information.