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MQM 323/423: Human Resources Management (Devinatz): Home

This is a guide to government documents sources used for the collective bargaining assignment in MQM 323.

"Yellow Tape" resources


Students taking MQM 323/423 (Dr. Victor Devinatz) will be using the following government publications for their collective bargaining assignment.

  • Area Wage Surveys, Selected Metropolitan Areas, L 2.121/54:984
  • Employment and Earnings, L 2.41/2:volume 38
  • Employment, Hours and Earnings, 1909-1994, L 2.3:2445/v.1-2
  • Monthly Labor Review, L 2.6:volume 114
  • US Industrial Outlook, C 61.34:991; C 61.34:992

These resources are located at the Reference Desk on the main floor of the library, floor 2. Students may sign out these sources for two-hour building use. (To help identify these sources from other reference desk titles we have affixed yellow tape across the books' spines.)

Students will be using these resources from November 3 through December 8.

For questions, feel free to contact Angela Bonnell, Government Documents Librarian.

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