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Multimedia: Collaboration Stations

What is it?

The Collaboration Stations in Milner Library let you display your laptop or mobile device screen on a large monitor. They are ideal for group work because everyone in your group can plug in their laptops, and you can take turns displaying your device screens on the monitor.

Each Collaboration Station consists of a large monitor and several cords that allow you and your group to display your laptop or mobile device screens on the large monitor.

Use the cords with VGA or HDMI connectors to connect your device. Adapters for Apple users are available at the circulation desk on Floor 2.

Press the red button to display your screen.

Collaboration Stations

Apple Adapters

If you have an Apple device, various adapters are available at the collaboration stations or at the circulation desk on Floor 2. To learn more about Apple adapters in general, please visit this page on Apple's website (note: the library does not circulate all of these adapters).

Where is it?

There are seven collaboration stations in the library. At least four people can use every station, and one station accommodates up to six people. Here is the breakdown on the locations:

# Floor Location

Connection Type

Group Size

3a 3 East Wall VGA 4
3b 3 East Wall VGA 4
3c 3 Southeast corner VGA 5
3d 3 East Wall HDMI (use with Macs) 4
3e 3 East Wall HDMI (use with Macs) 4
3f 3 Southeast corner HDMI (use with Macs) 5
5a 5 stairwell VGA 4
5b 5 Practice Room (514) VGA 4
6a 6 West Wall VGA 6

Need Help?

If you are having trouble displaying your device, view this troubleshooting guide.