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Multimedia: Multimedia Projects

Where to Find Media for Your Project

Use the following tabs on this guide to find and edit media for your project:

Public Service Announcements

PSA Examples
Ad Council

Preparing Public Service Announcements
Community Toolbox, University of Kansas

PSA Checklist
Community Toolbox, University of Kansas

Storyboard That
Storyboard your video before putting it together. Free, 14-day trial.


Before you start shooting, sketch a "map" of your video using storyboarding. Each board represents a main point, image, or scene in your video. Organize the boards along with your script to plan your video -- like writing an outline before writing a paper.

You can use software like MS PowerPoint or StoryBoard That (see below) or you can sketch out your ideas on a whiteboard or a sheet of paper.

Storyboard That is available as a 14-day free trial. You can create two storyboards per week.

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