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Multimedia: Streaming Video FAQ for Faculty

FAQ For Faculty

May I link to YouTube videos and other online videos in my Reggienet course site?

Yes, you may embed a link to your course page or class website. However, if you knowingly link to a video on a website that is illegally posted on that site, that action may be considered infringement on the copyrights of the rights holder.

May I show YouTube videos and other online videos in the classroom?

Yes, in a face-to-face classroom. This is similar to playing a DVD or VHS in the classroom. See the questions below for details.

May I show a full-length feature film or documentary in the classroom?

Yes. According to the Classroom Use Exemption 17 U.S.C. §110(1), this is permissible in situations where the instructor and the students are in a face-to-face classroom at a not-for-profit educational institution. However, the class may not be taped or recorded. Only students enrolled in the course and the instructor should be present in the class during the showing of the video. Public Performance Rights are not needed for videos shown for instructional purposes in a class.

May I stream videos on my Reggienet site or other websites for my distance education students to view?

Sort of. Milner Library provides access to several streaming videos of educational films and documentaries, and performances of theatre and dance. These videos may legally be incorporated into Reggienet or used in a face-to-face class.

Milner Library owns the DVD or VHS I want to stream. Does that mean that I can have it streamed online for my courses?

No. Just because the library owns the physical copy of the title on DVD or VHS, that does not mean it has the rights to stream the video. However, the library may be able to license a legal streaming version of the film; the library's ability to do so depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the availability and cost of a streaming license, ability to contact the publisher, availability of funds, the number of students enrolled in the class, and if the course is online or face-to-face. To see if the library can provide a streaming video for your course, contact the multimedia services librarian.

Will Milner Library consider purchasing more streaming video titles for its collection?
The library subscribes to a number of streaming video databases and purchases select individual streaming titles. However, if you need a specific title to show your class, the library will investigate if that title is available to purchase as a streaming video. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact your subject librarian or the multimedia services librarian to suggest titles for purchase.