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RefWorks at Milner Library

RefWorks is an online research management tool designed to help researchers (at all levels) easily gather, organize, store, share, and cite sources.

Sharing & Organizing Sources

To manage your folders, click on the Organize & Share Folders. The Organize & Share Folders area displays a list of folder names, the number of references in each folder and the total number of references in the database. From here you can create a new folder, create a sub-folder, rename a folder, delete a folder, clear the contents of a folder, and perform a duplicate check on a folder (or subfolder).

Creating a New Folder

1.Click on the Organize & Share Folders tab from the main viewing area of RefWorks.

2.Click the New Folder button.

3.Type the folder name.

4.Click Create.

The new folder appears in all of the folder lists throughout the program.

Creating a New Subfolder

1.Click on the Organize & Share Folders tab from the main viewing area of RefWorks.

2.Locate the parent folder you wish to create the subfolder under.

3.Click the Folder folder.jpg  icon to the right of the parent folder name.

4.Select Create Subfolder from the list of options.

5.Type the subfolder name.

6.Click Create.

The new folder appears in all of the folder lists throughout the program.

You can share a folder or database from the Organize & Share Folders tab in the main viewing area of RefWorks.

In the Organize & Share Folders area, you'll see a list of your folders. You have two options:

  • Share your entire database (all references and all folders)

  • Share only a specific folder (or folders)

For each folder there is a Share icon sharefolder.jpgand at the top of the list of folders is the same icon that will Share Entire Database.

Clicking on the Share icon sharefolder.jpg will take you to a Shared Folder Options page. This page will allow you to set up various permissions for your RefShare recipients.  

Also, from the Organize & Share Folders area you can manage your shared references.  After you click the Share icon sharefolder.jpg, the icon will change to indicate the folder is shared.  Clicking on the Shared iconsharedfolder.jpgwill display several options:

  • Share Link sharelink.jpg --   takes you into your shared folder or database.  

  • Remove Share folder.jpg-- allows you "unshare" your specific folder or database making it inaccessible to any recipients and removing it from the Shared Area Page (if posted there).  

  • Shared Folder Options  sharedoptions.jpg-- takes you to the Shared Folder Options Page where you can edit or update sharing options.

  • Email this shareemailrefshare.jpg-- launches an email template that you can use to send your unique URL to someone.  

Once you click on the Share icon sharefolder.jpgto share a folder or database, a URL is created.  This URL can be emailed to your intended RefShare recipients.  You can copy and paste this URL into your own email or, by clicking on the Email this share icon emailrefshare.jpg, RefWorks will create a message with the URL and some information for the recipient on how to use RefShare to view your references.