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CHE 481/482: Capstone Research Project (Boesdorfer)

This guide is intended to help students working on their Capstone Research Project locate resources to assist them

CHE 481/482: Capstone Research Project (Boesdorfer)

Welcome to the Chemistry Education Capstone Research Project Guide


This guide is a collection of links to a great many resources  of potential use to you in this course.  These links are brought together to help you make efficient use of your valuable time and spend more time and effort generating your ideas, organizing your evidence, and effectively communicating your ideas and the evidence for and against the idea.

  • Getting Started: On this page will find information on the structure of the guide and where to find various kinds of information within this guide.
  • DOIs: On this page you will find information about Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) as well as tools to help you find DOIs for articles that you are citing.
  • Chemistry Education Resources: On this page you will find a collection of resources - databases as well as particular journals - discussing issues of interest in Chemistry Education.
  • Citation, Format, and Professional Resources: On this page you will find resources to assist you in academic writing, research, and citing sources.
  • Source Assessment: On this page you will find information about how to assess sources critically and evaluate the utility of their information.

If you are having difficulties accessing resources you can contact the Subject Librarian (information in the box to the right), the Milner Library Reference Desk (in the box to the right and down, and there is a library of Help Videos that can help you as well.

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