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TCH 209: Literacy II - Reading & Language Arts In The Elementary School

Using to Find Texts

What is

TeachingBooks is a website that helps you search for books that meet your needs as an educator (similarly to NoveList Plus), more importantly it helps you find resources related to books of interest. It includes more than 88,000 engaging digital resources, such as lessons, book readings, and video, curated to enrich K12 literacy instruction. Using it is one of the easiest ways to discover relevant texts or supporting materials when planning lessons.

Watch the video below for a short introduction to searching with

The link to access is below, as well as a short recap to searching with TeachingBooks.

Review: Using to Find Texts

Logging into with the ISU Shared Student Account

  1. Visit signing in with the shared student account, make sure to do so in the student log-in tab and NOT the educators/adult tab. 
  2. Sign-in using the below log-in information:

Username: ISU

Password: Sign In Screen

Creating a Personal Educator Account

You can also create a personal educator account so that you have access to after you graduate!

  1. To create a personal educator account, first log in to the ISU shared account. This step is important because it lets know that you're creating an account through the library's account. 
  2. Then, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the new screen.Teaching Books Menu
  3. From the revealed menu, select ‘Educator Login.’Educator Login
  4. Enter your personal email account to create an educator login. The sign in button will re-direct you to the registration page when it does not recognize an account tied to your email address. Please note that after you create an educator login, you can login with that account instead of the shared ISU account, just use the educator/adult tab rather than the student tab when signing in. Educator Login Screen

Searching for Texts

  1.  Log in to either the shared student account or your personal educator account. 
  2. Search by book title in the search bar for a book you are hoping to find more information on, or related resources for. Title Search
  3. Select the correct book cover from the results list. 
  4. Explore the information and resources provided with the book. Much of the descriptive information mirrors what is available in NoveList Plus. Book Information in TeachingBooks
  5. Pay particular attention to the author interviews and book readings as potentially valuable additional resources.Author InterviewsBook Readings
  6. To discover related books, select 'Show More Details' beneath the descriptive information. This will reveal the subject headings. Click on a subject heading that reflects an aspect of the current book you want other books to share. Subject Headings
  7. This will take you to a list of books on which share that subject. You can narrow your results using the filters on the left side of the screen. Subject Search Results
  8. If you are interested in accessing a copy of one of the books you discover this way, you have to search for the book in the Milner Library CatalogMilner Library Catalog Search
  9. If Milner has the book, it will appear in the results list. To check out the book, either go to Milner to find the book on the shelf using the call number, or request the book for curbside pick-up.Search Result in Milner Catalog 


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