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Teaching and Learning

This guide is starting point for all students majoring in or taking classes within the School of Teaching & Learning. This guide will help you with all aspects of your projects and research.

TMC Cheat Sheet

TMC Cheat Sheet Plain Text

Locating TMC Materials in the Catalog

  1. Begin on Milner's Home page:
  2. Enter a keyword for your search (or select title, author, or ISBN).
  3. On the results page, Tweak your Results so that Location is limited to Floor 6 Shelves Teaching Materials Center. This will display only TMC materials (PreK- Grade 12). Experiment with other filters as desired.
  4. Make sure to apply filters!

Using NoveList Plus to Find Reading Levels

  1. Begin on Milner's Home page:
  2. Click on the Databases tab and search for 'NoveList Plus.'
  3. Once in the database, enter a title or subject. Click Search.
  4. You can limit your results by age range, publication date, and more using the filters in Refine Results. Select a title of interest.
  5. Lexile levels are included for many PreK-Grade 12 titles, in addition to information such as genre, grade level, reviews, etc.
  6. Click on the Check Library Catalog link within the NoveList record to see if Milner has the book.

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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Caitlin Stewart
Milner Library: Office 614C
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