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Reproductive Justice

This guide empowers learners to engage with topics and issues relating to reproductive rights and justice

Selected Books

Catalog link to Abortion Politics in North America

Abortion Politics in North America

Floor 4 Shelves: HV767.5.U5 H38 2005

catalog link to After Roe

After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate

e-book and print (Floor 4 Shelves: HQ767.5.U5 Z54 2015)

catalog link to A Defense of Abortion

A Defense of Abortion

Floor 4 Shelves: HQ767.15 .B66 2003

catalog link to Abortion Decisions of the United States Supreme Court

Abortion Decisions of the United States Supreme Court

Floor 4 Shelves: KF3771.A52 A261993

catalog link to Before Roe

Before Roe: Abortion Policy in the States

Floor 4 Shelves: HQ767.5.U5 N67 2001

catalog record for Aftermath

Aftermath: Life in Post-Roe America

Floor 4 Shelves: HQ767.5.U5 A38 2022

Select Films

Figure shown from the shoulders down wearing a medical gown and lying on an exam table. The room has medical equipment around the table and the figure has knees raised but closed together.


1hr 33min

Jackson is an intimate, unprecedented look at the lives of three women caught up in the complex issues surrounding abortion access. Set against the backdrop of the fight to close the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, Jackson captures the essential and hard truth of the lives at the center of the debate over reproductive healthcare in America. 

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Black and white picture of a woman and a younger girl standing in a yard with their arms around one another’s waist. Both are wearing light colored dresses with high necklines and smiling toward the camera. Film title and festival names overlay the image.

Leona's Sister Gerri

56 min

This film tells the dramatic story of Gerri Santoro, a mother of two and the "real person" in the now famous photo of an anonymous woman on a motel floor, dead from an illegal abortion. Reprinted thousands of times on placards, and in the media, this grisly photo became a pro-choice icon. Should the media have used this image? What circumstances led to Gerri's tragic death? Powerfully addressing issues of reproductive rights and domestic violence, this video is a moving portrait of Gerri Santoro's life and society's response to her death.

A woman in a white lab coat looks down at a patient on a gurney.

Our bodies Our Doctors

1hr 17min

This film tells the rarely-discussed story of what it means to be an abortion provider today. This film provides a crucial, hopeful point of view: an intimate glimpse into the lives of these courageous providers who have devoted their careers to ensuring women have access to skilled, compassionate care despite confronting threats of violence and facing intensified political threats and efforts to criminalize abortion.

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A lineup of partially silhouetted women with different styles of hair and dress stand against a backdrop of words and phrases articulating feelings. The film title appears below the figures.

Abortion: Stories Women Tell - A Thought-Provoking Look at the Issue of Abortion Today

1hr 31min

In this film, awarding-winning director (and Missouri native) Tracy Droz Tragos sheds new light on this contentious issue, focusing not on the debate, but rather on women themselves. Centering on the Hope Clinic for Women (just across the Missouri state line in Granite City, Illinois), the film profiles women struggling with unplanned pregnancies, providers who show up at the clinic to give medical care, and activists hoping to sway decisions and lives, offering an intimate window into the lives of women involved in the abortion issue, whose experiences are by turns heartbreaking and tender or bleak and frightening.

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Half-length portraits of three women, each wearing a shirt that reads

I Had an Abortion - Women Speak About their Experiences

51 min

Underneath the din of politicians posturing about "life" and "choice" and beyond the shouted slogans about murder and rights, there are real stories of real women who have had abortions. With heartfelt stories that are never sentimentalized, I HAD AN ABORTION personalizes what has become a vicious and abstract debate.

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Other Suggested Resources

Suggested Keywords and Subject Terms

Below you will find a list of suggested subjects and keywords you can use to search for this topic. This is not a comprehensive list, just a way to get you started searching.

CINAHL Subject Headings:

  • Abortion, Criminal

  • Attitude to Abortion

  • Abortion, Habitual

  • Abortion, Spontaneous

  • Abortion, Induced

  • Abortion, Incomplete

  • Dilatation and Curettage

  • Pregnancy, Ectopic

  • Attitude to Pregnancy

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH):

  • Abortion, Induced
  • Abortion, Threatened
  • Abortion, Therapeutic
  • Abortion, Legal
  • Abortion, Criminal
  • Abortion Applicants
  • Abortion, Eugenic
  • Dilatation and Curettage
  • Abortifacient Agents