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Reproductive Justice

This guide empowers learners to engage with topics and issues relating to reproductive rights and justice

What's on This Page

This page will help you use Milner's catalog to find books on various topics relating to reproductive justice. These are general search strategies. Take a look at the different topical pages to find specific suggestions based on those research areas and apply these strategies to those research areas.

How to Find Books

Craft a Search

First, enter keywords into Milner's catalog search box that describe your search topic. You can enter terms representing similar ideas (synonyms) into one search box, separating each term with OR to create a broader search. You can add different subtopics to subsequent boxes to create more targeted search questions.



Skim the Catalog

That keyword search should yield a list of results. Skim the citation information to determine which items relate to your question.

Look for repeated call numbers to find co-located items that you can browse.  For example, see the resources that share the call number HQ767.5.U5.

The limiters on the right side of the results page will help you curate your list to better relate to your question.



Identify Relevant Items

Click on a title to view more information about the book. The 'Get It' section will provide location and availability information about your selected item.



At the bottom of most record pages there is a Virtual Browse feature. This shows similar items that are located close to your selected item on the physical shelves. This helps you browse the shelves before going up to the stacks. This will also show you relevant electronic titles.


Use Known Items to Craft New Searches

The record page for each book will also include more descriptive information about the item. Use this information to find new keywords for future searches, as well as potential subject terms. Subjects are official or terms used by librarians to describe various concepts. You can search with these subject terms to find relevant results.