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Researching the history of Illinois State University

Jo Ann Rayfield Archives

ISU Yearbooks

Unfortunately, yearbooks have not always been published at Illinois State University. Yearbooks are not currently published at Illinois State. 

A comprehensive yearbook or annual, known as The Index: Class Annual and later simply The Index, was published at Illinois State for 80 years, from 1892 to 1972.  After that, two different works were published. The Graduate Record (or similar name) documented activities of the graduating class only and included photographs of graduates.  The Freshman Record or New Student Record was published to orient incoming freshmen to the university and included photographs of freshman class members.  Most volumes of the Index, Graduate Record, and Freshman Record are available in Milner Library for building use only. Copies are also available for most years in University Archives.

Below are links to the online versions of ISU yearbooks at the Internet Archive.  The yearbooks were completely digitized and made available in Fall 2011/Spring 2012.

  • The Index (1892 -1972)
    Yearbook for Illinois State University. The yearbook was discontinued in 1972 but smaller versions geared toward freshman and graduate students appeared beginning in 1975.
  • New Student Record (1975 - 1994)
    A freshman yearbook for Illinois State University that was published from 1975 to 1994.
  • Graduate Student Record (1975 - 1993)
    A yearbook for graduate students at Illinois State University that was published from 1975 to 1993.

In addition to the online versions, copies of many of the original print Indexes are available on the 6th floor of Milner Library. 

Below are links to the print verions at Milner.

The Vidette, 1888-Present

The Vidette, the Illinois State University student newspaper, began publication in 1888 as a monthly magazine. In 1906 The Vidette began to appear weekly, and in 1962 it began to appear twice weekly. In 1970 the publication schedule was thrice weekly, and in 1976 The Vidette became a daily paper during the regular academic year. The newspaper is currently published under the name The Daily Vidette.

A special centennial edition, written by Sean McMahan, was published in 1988 entitled The First 100 Years: A Centennial Magazine of the Vidette, 1888-1988 (LH 2 .I4 .V535 1988, Storage Basement). 

Current issues of The Vidette are available in the newspaper section of Current Periodicals on Milner Floor 2 and online at The Daily Vidette website. Site users can register to receive articles from The Vidette daily via email. This service is free.

Back issues of The Vidette are available in the microfilm/microfiche collection of Milner Floor 2 (northeast corner) and in print from about 1950 to 2004. The print collection is located in Storage Basement.  Contact the Reference Desk on the main floor for help retrieving these.

Illinois State University History Database

A database containing hundreds of photos and fully digitized books on ISU's history.

Professional Organizations

NACADA National Academic Advising Association

NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

Selected Reference Books

The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration

Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession, 4th edition, by Susan R. Komives, Dudley B. Woodard, Jr. & Associates

Pioneer Assignment

Try Googling first (everyone's first strategy anyway!).  Since several of the people listed in this assignment are historical figures, you may not find very much, but chances are that you will get some information.  Then use what you do find to lead you to more information.  What university was the person associated with?  Is any information available on the university's web site?  Does Milner (or another library in Illinois) have a history of the university?  Use the I-Share Catalog to search for books.  To locate books not owned by academic libraries in Illinois, use WorldCat.

If you do find an article, look to see if you can find out where the author of the article found his or her information and "chase" the citations.  Remember, use one thing to lead to another

Some of the pioneers were associated with universities within driving distance.  University archives can be a real treasure trove.  Look at the web pages of the universities, and make a point of looking for information about their archives. 

Bowling Green State University hosts the National Student Affairs Archives. Although there is a  Search Site feature, you will also want to browse the contents.  Their Pioneer Name List can provide some information to get started and will indicate which archives hold the papers of the various pioneers.  The National Student Affair Archives is part of a larger project devoted to the history of the student affairs profession, the Student Affairs History Project, another potential source of information.

Another good source of information may be obituaries.  Some sources are Academic Universe/Lexis Nexis, the historic Chicago Tribune, and the historic New York Times.

Some suggested sources:

Milner's Online Catalog (books located at Milner)

I-Share Catalog (books located in Illinois academic libraries)

WorldCat (books located nationwide and even worldwide)
     Although you may not be able to actually get your hands on everything you find, you can still identify sources to use in your bibliography.

ERIC (articles in the field of education)

Education Index Retrospective 1929-1983

Education Full Text 1983 to present
Remember to search all text.


Search Across All Library Resources

Dissertations & Theses

Biography and Genealogy Master Index

Some other suggested sources are the following:

Leaders in Education

Biographical Dictionary of Modern American Educators

Women Educators in the United States, 1820-1993