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EAF 228: Social Foundations of Education: Blind

Selected Books

Encyclopedia of Special Education
Note that this is in the Reference section on Floor 2 and cannot be taken from the library.
See Volume 2: History of Special Education. Volume 3: Residential Facilities

Encyclopedia of American Disability History
Note that this is in the Reference section on Floor 2 and cannot be taken from the library.
See Volume 1: Blind

A History of Childhod & Disability
See chapter 5: Blindness: Charity to Independence, pages 122-152

The History of Inclusion in the United States

The History of Special Education: A Struggle for Equality in American Public Schools

Outside the Mainstream
See chapter 4: The Education of Blind and Deaf Children before 1893, pages 92-106

Journey Into Light, The Story of the Education of the Blind
from Kirkus Reviews: The story of the blind, which crosses many centuries, many countries, and which traces not only the evolution of institutions, techniques and attitudes but introduces the life stories of famous people, past and present, who have overcome the obstacles of this affliction. From the earliest days when the sightless were liabilities, to the middle centuries when they became the wards of society, this follows down to modern times and those who sought-through education- to make them independent. The teachings of Didymus in the 4th century; the founding of the first hospital in Paris in 1254; the pamphleteering of Diderot; the teaching of Valentin Hauy, which was to be followed by that of the blind Louis Braille who at 20 evolved the classic system (which he did not discover); the lifetime spent by New England's Samuel Gridley Howe in educating the blind; the work of Winifred Holt and The Lighthouse....

Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness in America