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EAF 228: Social Foundations of Education: Polish Americans

Selected Books

American Education and the European Immigrant: 1840-1940
See Schooling and the Slavic-American Family, 1900-1940, starting on page 78.

Between Polish Positivism and American Capitalism: The Educational Agents' Experiment in the Polish-American Community, 1889-1914
This is a citation to a journal article.  Click on 'Find It" to locate the full text.  

History of Immigrant Female Students in Chicago Public Schools, 1900--1950
This link leads to a citation for a doctoral dissertation completed at the Univerity of Illinois/Urbana.  To the right of the screen, you will see a link to the "Full Text-PDF".  This is over 200 pages, so you won't want to print the whole dissertation.  Look at the table of contents starting on page vii.  There is a great deal of background information as well as chapters devoted to specific ethnic groups.

Cultural Changes of Polish-American Parochial Schools in Milwaukee, 1866-1988
This is a citation to a journal article.  Click on "html Full Text" to retrieve the article.

Facts About American Immigration
Note that this is a Reference book.  It is located on the main floor and cannot be taken from the library.  Although not related to education, there is good background information about immigrants from Poland starting on page 237.

Poles in America

Polish Americans and their History: Community, Culture, and Politics

Power and Promise of School Reform
Check the index to locate relevant pages.

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
Volume 2: see particularly p. 1078 "Acculturation and Assimilation"