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EAF 228 - Social Foundations of Education

A course guide for students enrolled in EAF 228 - Social Foundations of Education

Things to Consider

Consider the sources listed as starting points.  Be sure to look at the cited references, and if the source is a book, look to see what the subject headings are.

Be careful not to overgereralize.  Immigrant groups will include smaller subgroups.  For example, if you choose German or Polish immigrants, you will probably want to distinguish between Catholics, Jews, and Protestants.  Groups came over in different "waves."  Not all Irish immigrants were part of the wave that came over during the famine in the 19th century (who were primarily Catholic)--there was also a wave of Scotch Irish who came over in the 1700's (who were primarily Protestant). The earlier German Jewish immigrants were far different than the Eastern European Jews who came over later.  Religion played an important role for many immigrant groups, somethng you should keep in mind.  Also remember that there were also ethnic differences within various religions (notably Italian and Irish).

Keep in mind that you will need to get some general background information about whatever group you choose.  While locating journal articles about a group's educational experience may seem the most efficient option, remember that articles are generally written about fairly narrow topics, and you will also need the "big picture," something usually better provided by specialized encyclopedias and books.

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