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Education: Statistics

Statistics Related to Higher Education

ACT: Reports and Policy Reports
ACT provides scholarly and technical reports on a variety of topics, including test and test-item fairness, test reliability and validity, improving the achievement of at-risk populations, and the determinants of academic success.

Almanac of Higher Education
(for Illinois State University users:  for complete access, go to the "Online Journal", then click on "Facts and "Figures," and finally select the tab for the "Almanac of Higher Education.")

Campus Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool
Designed to provide rapid customized reports for public inquiries relating to campus crime data.

College Board:  Research Reports
Data, reports, and research provided by the College Board,

College Completion
The Chronicle of Higher Education presents graduation rates across states and institutions, puts them in context, and allows users  to compare them across the nation.

Provides information about affordability, diversity, and student success in college.  Searchable by college, state, type of school, or topic.  Users can create customized tables.

College Navigator
Primarily for students exploring college options, but has some good basic statistics on specific institutions.

Educational Policy Institute: Research
EPI research focuses primarily on the issues related to educational opportunity throughout the education continuum, from early childhood education to graduate and professional studies, including adult education and workforce development.

ETS: Research for Higher Education
Research reports produced by the ETS (Educational Testing Service).

Faculty Salaries: 2013 Salary Explorer
From the Chronicle of Higher Education. 

First Year Performance at Illinois Public Universities and Colleges
Located on the Chicago Tribune's web site, data shows how Illinois public school graduates fared when they became freshmen at the state’s universities and community colleges.  Searchable by public university or college and by high school.  Users can look up average high school GPAs and grade point averages earned at each public university and community college that students attended.

Grapevine: A National Database of Tax Support for Higher Education
Produced at the Center for Higher Education & Educational Finance at Illinois State University. Provides a national database of tax support for higher education. Individual state reports include current fiscal year and previous fiscal year state tax appropriations for operating expenses and a 50-state summary table showing state totals for the current year, the previous two years, a ten-year figure, and percentages of change over one, two, and ten years.

Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) 
HERI is based in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. Its web site provides information from surveys of faculty and students on such topics as attitudes toward technology, service learning and the college experience. The Institute's holdings include more than a hundred datasets that are regularly maintained for analysis of postsecondary education.

Illinois Board of Higher Education: Data & Statistics
Data collected and maintained by the Board fall into three broad categories: demographic information about enrolled students and degree recipients, faculty and staff information, and characteristics of individual colleges and universities.

Illinois Board of Higher Education Public University Salary Database
The Illinois Board of Higher Education provides salary and benefit information for full-time and part-time administrators and instructional staff at Illinois’ public universities as required by Public Act 96-0266 (effective January 1, 2010). The database is searchable by name, position and job title.

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is a system of surveys designed to collect data from all primary providers of postsecondary education. Surveys address institution-level data in such areas as enrollments, program completions, faculty, staff, and finances.

National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
The National Center prepares and makes available reports of   issues regarding opportunity and achievement in higher education.  Links to the reports are provided.

National Survey of Student Engagement 
Designed to obtain, on an annual basis, information from scores of colleges and universities nationwide about student participation in programs and activities that institutions provide for their learning and personal development.

NCHEMS Information Center for Higher Education Policy Making and Analysis
Provides comparative state data related to student success, policies, and competetiveness. 

NEA Almanac of Higher Education
Contains information on faculty salaries and benefits, the economic conditions in the states, faculty workload, trends in bargaining, and information on non-faculty professionals on campus. 

NEA Higher Education Faculty Salary Resources
Provides annual salary data for faculty as well as a database on salaries and benefits by state and year.

Open Doors: Report on International Educational Exchange
Information and data tables about international students in the U.S. and Americans studying abroad.  Also includes information about scholarships and funding.

Survey of Earned Doctorates
Gathers information annually from 45,000 new U.S. research doctorate graduates about their educational histories, funding sources, and post-doctoral plans.

U.S. Doctorates in the 20th Century
"This report describes the history and growth of doctoral education in the United States from 1900 to 1999 and shows changes in the characteristics of persons who complete a doctoral education."