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Searching EDGAR and Using 10-K Reports: Topics

Valuable business insights available via the Securities and Exchange's company information database.


Topics Form Type
Acquisitions 424 / 425
Articles of Incorporation 10-K, Exhibit 3
Assets 10-K
Auditors 10-K
Balance Sheet 10-K
Bankruptcy 8-K
Business Segments 10-K
Cash Flow 10-K
Certifications (CEO & CFO) 10-K, Exhibits 31 & 32
Compensation DEF 14A
Competitive Landscape 10-K
Contracts (Material) 10-K, Exhibit 10
Credit Ratings 10-K
Dividends 10-K
Employee Pensions 11-K
Employees (Number) 10-K
Events (Material) 8-K
Executive Biographies 10-K
Financial Statements (Audited) 10-K
Financial Statements (Unaudited) 10-Q
Future Activities 10-K
Governance DEF 14A
Headquarters 10-K
Income Statement 10-K
Insider Transactions Forms 3, 4, 5
Insurance Products (Variable) Search form
Inventories 10-K
IPO 424 / 425
Legal Name 10-K
Legal Proceedings 10-K
Liabilities 10-K
Lines of Business 10-K
Liquidation 8-K
Losses 10-K
Management Discussion 10-K
Market (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.) 10-K
Market Share (infrequently) 10-K
Market Value 10-K
Marketable Securities 10-K
Mergers 424 / 425
Mutual Funds 485
Non-U.S. Companies 20-F
Operations 10-K
Ownership (External) 13D / 13G
Product Lines 10-K
Product Mix 10-K
Profits 10-K
Properties & Locations 10-K
Registration of Securities S type
Reorganization 10-K, Exhibit 2
Research & Development 10-K
Revenues 10-K
Risks 10-K
Securities Holders 10-K
Stock Offerings 424 / 425
Stockholder Equity 10-K
Strategy 10-K
Subsidiaries 10-K / Exhibit 21
Tender Offer Schedule TO


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