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Teaching English Language Learners: Special Education

Selected Articles

Summary Frames: Language Acquisition for Special Education and ELL Students
Science Activities; Summer2005, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p19-29, 11p, 1 chart

 The Diagnosis of LD in English Learners: Is It Nondiscriminatory?
Author: Fiqueroa, Richard A.
Source: Journal of Learning Disabilities; May/Jun2006, Vol. 39 Issue 3, p206-214, 9p

English Language Learners With Visual Impairments: Strategies to Enhance Learning
Author: Conroy, Paula Wenner
Source: Re:View; Fall2005, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p101-108, 8p

Identity Texts and Literacy Development Among Preschool English Language Learners: Enhancing Learning Opportunities for Children at Risk for Learning Disabilities.
Teachers College Record; Nov2006, Vol. 108 Issue 11, p2380-2405, 26p

Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies for English Language Learners With Learning Disabilities
Exceptional Children, Spring 2005, Vol. 71 Issue 3, p231-247, 17p