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Map Collection at Milner Library: Hiking and Biking Maps

Describes the collections and the services at Milner Library, Illinois State University.

Hiking and Biking Maps

These maps are located in a bottom drawer of the filing cabinet near room 428.


Walking Tours of America: Midwest

                Walking Tours of America: East

                Walking Tours of America: West

                Walking Tours of America: South/South West

                National Recreation Trails Information and Application Procedure

                Field Book: The Wind River Range-1977

                Hiking And Hiking Trails: A Trails and Trail Based Activities Bibliography-1970


                Map of Constitution Trail

Appalachian Trail Conference

                To Those Who Walk In The Woods

                The Appalachian Trail

                Suggestions for Appalachian Trail Users

                Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Virginia

Bureau of Outdoor Recreation

                Map of the Proposed North Country Trail Corridor

                North Country National Scenic Trail Study: Progress Report No.2-February 14, 1972

                National Scenic and Recreational Trails- 1968


                Trail Map of the Mt. Tamalpais Region

Colorado Mountain Club

                Notes on Mountaineering in the Elk Mountains of Colorado 1908-1910

The Foothills Trail Club

                Map of the Conservation Trail

Green Mountain Club

                A Foot Path in the Wilderness

Illinois Prairie Path

                Along the Prairie Path-1968

                Illinois Prairie Path Fall Outings-1972

                A Ribbon of Green along Power Lines

                The Illinois Prairie Path Newsletter Autumn 1976

Shawnee National Forest


The Marquette Trail

                Map and Booklet on the Marquette Trail


Michigan Riding and Hiking Trails

                Collection of Trail Maps and Guide Book Provided by The Michigan Trail Riders Association

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

                Hikers Region Map

Texas Forestry Association

                The Puenta Suelas Trail

                The Old River Trail

                The Texas Forest Trail

Wilderness Society

                The Great Smokey Mountains Park and Wilderness Act

                Parks Preservation or Power Production


                Wisconsin Coastal History Trails Lake Superior

                Wisconsin Coastal History Trails Lake Michigan

Trails-U.S. National

                Map of the National Trails System

                Map of the Lewis and Clark Trail

                National Trails System Act


                Map of Bicycling Routes in the Washington Area

                North Carolina Bicycling Highways

                Connecticut Bicycle Rides

                Bicycling-Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

                Assorted Bicycle Maps of Illinois


                Illinois Official Bicycle Maps 1-9

                Illinois Bicycling Guide

                Spoon River Bikeway

                Bicycle to Lake Bloomington

                Illinois Bike Trails

                Bikeways of Northeastern Illinois

                Chicago Park District Bicycle Paths


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