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Teaching Materials Center: Teacher Resource Books for K-12


                                   There are two areas in the Teaching Materials Center that  are designed specifically to assist teachers with lesson planning:

                                          TMC TEXT   (the "WHAT we teach")                                                          TMC PRO    (the "HOW we teach it")


TMC Text

The TMC Text area is curricular materials  arranged by discipline and then by grade range:

  • Early Childhood (PreK) 
  • Elementary (K-6)    
  • Middle Level (5-8) 
  • High School (9-12) 

Materials overlap due to publishers' curricular models, so you might have to look in more than one area to find what you need.


Example Subject Heading: Science Study and teaching (Middle school)


  Houghton Mifflin        Scott Foresman           Harcourt       MacMillan/McGraw-Hill


      Wonders          MacMillan/McGraw-Hill       Scott Foresman          SRA OpenCourt


    Harcourt               Houghton Mifflin                SRA                MacMillan-McGraw Hill


Scott Foresman                                            

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The TMC Pro area is full of teaching and activity books arranged by discipline.

Sampling of Keywords that can be used generally or in combination with a discipline (Science, Math, Language Arts, Etc) 

  • Activities                                   Active Learning 
  • Creative Activities                   Curriculum Planning
  • Differentiated                           Effective Teaching
  • Enhancing                                 Experiential Learning
  • Ideas                                          Inclusive
  • Instruction                                Lessons
  • Projects                                    Problem solving
  • Strategies                                Teaching activities




Example Subject Headings:

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Electronic Textbooks

Electronic Textbooks (student and teacher edition) can be found here.