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Electronic Books: eBook Features & Options

ebook overview site

Programs & Apps for eBooks

Adobe Digital Editions

Required for downloading & viewing eBooks on a PC or Nook.

Bluefire eReader App

Free application for downloading & viewing eBooks on iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.

ebrary App for iOS or Android

ebrary is one of the major eBook platforms, and their app will allow you to search, download and read any ebrary eBook.

EBSCOhost App for iOS or Android

Other ePub Readers for Android

eBook Features and Options

Electronic books (eBooks) are available on variety of platforms and may have different features and options.  Milner subscribes electronic books from  eBrary and EBL  platforms. This site will attempt to explain some of the key features and the best reader options.


There are differences in eBook features based upon whether you use an eBook in the online mode as opposed to the downloaded version.

While most people are familiar with downloading a PDF document, which is how many eBooks are downloaded, our academic book downloading can be a more complicated process than normally experienced with an eBook reader such as a Kindle or iPad.  This is because you need to confirm your shared rights and accept a time period for access through an institutional subscription rather than simply buying a personal copy.  The process is described in our FAQs or through our help Video.

Basic Use:

You can perform almost all functions using the online option using a standard browser – there is no need for special software or downloading.

To use the advanced features such as highlighting, annotation, and saving pages you will need to create a login account.

To simply read and print a chapter you do not need to log in at all; your IP and/or ULID validation is enough to access the material.

[We have a quick help video of performing basic functions on the ebrary or EBL platforms.] (UNDER REVISION)

Special Features

ONLINE advantages:

Active links will work to other online books, journals, and web sites.

Ability to copy and paste citations using Zotero or EndNote.

Ability to highlight and save notes on the pages (think sticky notes).

Ability to return to last page read.

Ability to share notes with others (in many cases).


As a PDF by chapter … ability to use the material on a mobile device (iPad, eReader, etc) when not connected to a network.

As an entire book – REQUIRES SPECIAL SOFTWARE that must be downloaded.

Provides the ability to use the material on a mobile device (iPad, eReader, etc) when not connected to a network -- after a laborious download process.

How to Download:

Downloading directions will vary depending on which platform an eBook has been published in.