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Electronic Books: Getting Started

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Special Note

In some eBook platforms, features such as note-taking and highlighting are only permanent for online viewing.  Any changes you make to a downloaded book might disappear when the loan period expires.

Programs & Apps for eBooks

Adobe Digital Editions

Required for downloading & viewing eBooks on a PC or Nook.

Bluefire eReader App

Free application for downloading & viewing eBooks on iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.

ebrary App for iOS or Android

ebrary is one of the major eBook platforms, and their app will allow you to search, download and read any ebrary eBook.

EBSCOhost App for iOS or Android

Other ePub Readers for Android

Getting Started

An eBook (also called an electronic book, e-book, digital book) is a book in digital form.  Sometimes they are alternate versions of conventionally printed books, but they are also sometimes "born digital."  The eBooks collected by Milner library can be read on nearly any electronic device.

We collect eBooks from several different platforms, but the first steps you need to follow are usually the same:

1.  If you will be downloading an eBook, create an Adobe ID.  The programs required to read most of our eBooks will require you to connect an Adobe ID account before you can download anything.

2.  Download an appropriate reader program.  For PC or Mac, you will want Adobe Digital Editions.  This program is similar to Adobe Reader, with the addition of Digital Rights Management.  If you are using an iOS or Android device, try Bluefire eReader.  There are a number of other free ePub readers for Android as well, and ebrary has published an app for reading their ebooks.

3.  Search for an ebook, check it out and/or download it.  Depending on the device, you can download directly, or download to your computer and transfer it to your device.

What kinds of eBooks do we have?

Milner eBooks come from a variety of sources, but most of them come from two major ebook lending platforms:

Proquest Ebook Central: May be viewed online or downloaded.  Download requires an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions (or an alternate ePub Reader app).  

EBSCO: May be viewed online or downloaded.  Download requires an EBSCO account in addition to an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions (or an alternate ePub Reader app). 

For information about other eBook platforms, see the "Other Platforms" tab.

NOTE: Both platforms require an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions (or an alternate ePub Reader app) in order to download. 

Features such as checkout length, ability to copy/paste, number of pages you may print, and other aspects of your user experience will all vary depending on the platform of an ebook as well as the publisher's agreement with the platform company.  See the platform-specific tabs for additional details and more in-depth viewing/downloading instructions.