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Milner Library Orientation

Get a general overview of Milner Library such as printing, textbooks, and setting up library accounts.

Finding Articles From a Citation

Sometimes, your instructor will give you just the citation of an article you need to read for class. Use the following steps to find articles using the Citation Linker.

1. Starting at the Library's homepage, select the "Articles" tab of the Milner Library search box, and then click "advanced search."

Screenshot of the Library Search bar with the advanced article search link circled


2. At the advanced search page, click "Citation Finder" at the top of the page.

A screenshot of the advanced search page with the Citation Finder link circled


3. Enter your citation information in the form. Enter as much information as you have for the best match.

A screenshot of the citation linker page with citation information filled out


4. If the Citation Linker finds a match, it will open a record for the article. In the example shown, there is a physical copy available in the stacks, as well as a match online. If you scroll down the page, you'll see what databases have this article online. Select one of the databases and click on the link to view the article.

A screenshot of a record for an article titled  Utopia, relationality and ecology: resurrecting the natural in battlestar galactica

A screenshot of the same article above scrolled down the page to show the links to online full text


5. Depending on what database the article is in, there will be different ways to view the full text. Two examples of where to find links to PDFs of full text are shown in screenshots below.

A screenshot of the database record for the article in EBSCO Humanities International COmplete with the option for PDF Full Text circled

A screenshot of a different database record with the article title and PDF full text option highlighted