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A quick guide on using the Mendeley source manager.

Managing Sources, Attachments, and Groups

Creating a Folder

  1. In your Web Library , click the Create Folder... button
  2. Type a name for the folder
  3. Press your Enter key
  4. From your All References or Recently Added folder, drag and drop sources into the folder, drag and drop from your computer, or use the Upload documents Now button
    Note: sources remain in the All References folder as well as reside in a folder.

Creating a Subfolder

  1. Click three dot menu next to the folder
  2. Select Add subfolder from the menu
  3. Enter a name in the popup window
  4. Click the OK button
    1. An arrow will appear by the main folder to indicate a subfolder.


Renaming a Folder

  1. Click three dot menu next to the collection to be renamed
  2. Select Rename from the menu.
  3. Type a new name
  4. Press your Enter key
    1. The collection will automatically resort alphabetically.

Deleting a Folder

  1. Click three dot menu next to the folder to be deleted
  2. Select Remove Folder from the menu.
  3. In the pop up warning window, click the OK button
    1. Any subfolders will also be deleted with the deletion of the top level folder
    2. Sources are not deleted and available in the All Documents folder

Attaching Files to a Reference

Mendeley Web Importer automatically attaches the pdf full text if available. Use this option if the pdf file was not downloaded or you added a source via an RIS file or manually.

  1. Select the source in the folder
  2. In the right hand information pane, either drag the file at the bottom of the pane or click the section and navigate to the location on your computer

Deleting File Attachments

  1. Select the source in the folder
  2. At the bottom of the right hand information pane, click the x by the file to delete it.

Due to current system upgrades, groups can only be created via the Mendeley Desktop app.

  1. Open the Mendeley Desktop app
  2. Click Create Groups.. in the left panel under Groups
  3. Type a name of the group and description
  4. Select the level of access of the group
    1. Public: open discussion and reference sharing
    2. Invite-only: public group but only approved members can post
    3. Private: closed discussion and sharing of PDF files
  5. Click the Create Group button
  6. If you choose Invite-only or Private, you will be prompted to add email address of people to invite to be part of the group.
    If you skip this option, you can add members via your online account.

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