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CJS 207: Contemporary Policing in America (Rossler): Home


Pair up with someone next to you (or get into groups of 3). Each group will be assigned a number. Find your group number in the boxes below, and cite the source you see in the box. Please create both an in-text citation and the full reference for the source. Feel free to use the resources below for assistance:

Group 1

In Defense of Self and Others, by Urey W. Patrick and others. (physical item)

Group 2

Criminal Justice Ethics (See Item)

Group 5

The Psychology of Arson: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Managing Deliberate Firesetters, by Rebeckah Doley and others (See Item)

Group 6

American Journal of Criminal Justice (See Item)

Group 9

Group 10

Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology (See Item)

Group 14

Justice Quarterly (see item)

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