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Foreign Policy

This is a guide highlighting foreign policy government documents.

State Department resources

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
DOC. S 1.1: date

This series dates to 1861 and encompasses over 500 volumes. FRUS serves as the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Memos and correspondence are reproduced between U.S. ambassadors and other Department of State staff and Washington after their declassification--typically 30 years after the event. [Selected volumes available digitally through the State Department and others through the University of Wisconsin.]

Department of State Bulletin (1939-1989), continued by Dispatch, 1990-1999. (Ceased publication)
DOC. S 1.3/5:

The record of official activities dealing with U.S. Foreign affairs. Contains major speeches, congressional testimony, fact sheets, policy statements, current treaty actions. Dispatch supplements often reprint the text of major documents, such as treaties. A weekly publication 1990-1996; monthly, 1997-1999.

Voting Practices in the United Nations. Annual.
DOC. S 1.1/8: - 1991-93 floor 4, 1993-1999 located in microfiche.

An analysis of the voting practices of U.N. members as it relates to U.S. policy.

United States Participation in the U.N.: Report by the President to the Congress for the Year. Annual.DOC. S 1.70/8:

U.S. Foreign Policy AgendaThis is an electronic journal published by the U.S. Dept. of State. Each issue on a particular foreign policy topic, and offers a blend of authoritative policy statements by key U.S. government officials, commentary and background by official and private specialists, and a variety of print and electronic sources.

Guide to the Diplomatic History of the United States, 1775-1921.
This 1935 publication from the State Department offers an early twentieth perspective on the nation's foreign policy issues.

Declassified Documents

Milner Library subscribed to this microfiche set in Indexing available in reference collection on floor 2.


Congressional Documents

Congressional Committees

House. Committee on International Relations.

Hearings, Prints, and Miscellaneous Publications. Y 4.F 76/1:
House. Committee on International Relations. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Y 4 .F 76/1-15:
A review of the status of human rights in various countries, prepared for use with Congress's foreign assistance program. Along with human rights information, a table showing U.S. economic and military assistance to each country is included.

House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Science, Technology, and American Diplomacy Y 4.F 76/1-12:
Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations. Hearings, Prints, and Miscellaneous Publications.Y 4.F 76/2: 
Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations and House Committee on International Relations.
Legislation on Foreign Relations Through [date] Y 4.F 76/2-10: 
This series reprints, with annotations, the text of legislation and executive orders relating to foreign policy. Items are grouped by broad subject category; texts of treaties sometimes included. It is usually compiled for each Congress.

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