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Holocaust: Home


Milner Library is a Federal Depository Library. Its holdings include historical reports and documents produced by the federal government during World War II, War Crime Trials, and throughout discussions on restitution and reparations. Unfortunately, many of the older reports are not accessible through Milner's online catalog. If you cannot locate what you are looking for, please seek contact Angela Bonnell.

World War II Era Documents

Adverse report on resolution requesting information regarding economic, civil, or religious rights of Jews in Rumania
House Report 1751, 75-3 
    Floor 4 DOC. Serial Set 10236 
Rescue of the Jewish and other peoples in Nazi-occupied territory. [Covers the Bermuda Conference on Refugees and the establishment of an intergovernmental committee with Great Britain to aid refugees.]
   Floor 4 Stacks DOC. Y4.F 76/1:J 55/2/extract 
Preservation of Jews in Europe
Senate Report no. 625, 78-1, December 20, 1943 
   Floor 4 DOC. Serial Set 10757 
Executive Order 9417, Establishing a War Refugee Board, 
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 3
   Floor 4 Stacks DOC. REF. AE 
   online text
Jewish national home in Palestine
House Report no. 1997, 78-2, November 30, 1944
   Floor 4 DOC. Serial Set 10848
Restoration of Palestine as homeland for the Jewish people 
Senate Report 855, 79-1, December 12, 1945
   Floor 4 DOC. Serial Set 10927
Congressional Record, 1939-1945
    Floor 4 Stacks DOC. X
In Index, search under terms: German atrocities and Americas indifference; Jewish problem; Jewish relief; Jewish war prisoners; Jews; Jews' conditions in Germany; Jews persecuted by Nazis, War Refugee Board

Post World War II  War Crimes Trials

Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal
Nuremberg, 14 November 1945-1 October 1946 [42 volumes]
   Floor 4 DOC. W 1.2:C 86/volume number
selected text and photos of Nuremberg Trials
Trials of War Criminals before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals under Control Council law no. 10, Nuremberg, October 1946-April, 1949, [volumes 3, 5-15]
   Floor 4 DOCS D 102.8:volume number
 Art Looting and Nazi Germany: Records of the Fine Arts and Monuments Adviser  7 reels 
   Floor 4  [MFILM] DOC S 
 Congressional Record, 1945-1950
    Floor 4 DOC. X
In Index, search under terms: International Military Tribunal; Jews; Nuremberg; War criminals

Reparations & Restitution

Report to the President, President's Commission on the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel Chair
September 27, 1979
    Floor 4 Stacks DOC. PR 39.8:H 74/H 74
    online text
Plunder and Restitution: The U.S. and Holocaust Victims Assets: Findings and Recommendations of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the United States and staff report.
    Floor 4 Stacks DOC. PR 42.8:H 74/AS 7 
Bibliography of Holocaust Era Assets
The bibliographic citations focus primarily on the efforts to identify, recover, and restitute assets hidden or  stolen by Nazi Germany during World War II. The role of art in Germany during the Third Reich is also covered as background to Nazi looting activities. 
Holocaust Issues from the Department of State
 Assorted titles from the United States Holocaust Memorial Council 
   Floor 4 Stacks DOC. Y 3.H 74:
For legislative reports and debate, search Congressional Universe.

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