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Immigration and Government Documents: Home

Resource guide to finding primary sources covering immigration policy in the United States

Visual Images

View of Ellis Island, 1913 from Library of Congress.

The Golden Door: Artist-Immigrants of America, 1876-1976.

DOC. SI 1.2:G 56/876-976, Floor 4 Documents Stacks

The exhibition catalog pays tribute to more than 60 artists who immigrated to the United States.

Immigration Commissions

Dillingham Commission, Reports of the Immigration Commission, 1911. 

DOC. Y 3.IM 6:volume 1-41, Floor 4 Documents Stacks

Commission was created when the US was considering revising existing immigration laws. In 41 volumes, the Commission studied "sources of recent immigration in Europe, the general character of incoming immigrants, the methods, employed here and abroad to prevent the immigration of persons classes as undesirable in the United States immigration law, and finally a thorough investigation into the status of the more recent immigrants as residents of the United States, and the effect of such immigration upon the institutions, industries, and people of this country." v.1, p.13

Whom Shall We Welcome; report. 1953.

DOC. PR 33.18:R 29, Floor 4 Documents Stacks

Commission appointed by President Truman after Congress passed, over his veto, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (known as the McCarran-Walter Act). The Commission recommended a complete revision of the law

Working Conditions

Industrial Relations. Final Report and Testimony, 1916

DOC. Serial Set #6929-39

Investigation of labor conditions, labor-management relations, unions, migrant labor, foreign labor, vocational education, and related matters in the early twentieth century.

Reports of the Industrial Commission, 1900-1902

DOC. Y 3.IN 2/2:R 29/volumes 1-19

Investigated trusts and industrial combinations; labor conditions, relations, and legislation; transportation, agricultural economics and labor; foreign trade; and economy of the nation in general.

Subject Guide

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