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A quick guide on using the Mendeley source manager.

Installing the Word Processor Plug-in

Mendeley's word processor plug-in is called Mendeley Cite. Mendeley Cite is compatible with MS Word (Windows & Mac) and OfficeLibre/Open Office.

After creating an online account you will be prompted to install the word processor plug-in.

If you skip this option, use the directions below. You have to have the Mendeley Desktop app installed to add the plug-in to your word processor and use the features in menu.

MS Word

  1. From the Tools Menu, select the MS Word plugin.
  2. If Word is not completely closed, you will be prompted to close it
  3. The citation tool installs without any other prompts
  4. A confirmation window will display once the install is finished
    1. In Word for Windows, the Mendeley plugin is integrated into the Reference tab and called Mendeley Cite-o-Matic
    2. Microsoft Word for Mac, the tool will appear as a separate panel


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