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This guide covers the different types of music resources available at Milner Library.

Sibelius Notation Software

Milner Library has one computer loaded with Sibelius notation software (version 7.5), along with a MIDI keyboard. This computer is located in the Floor 2 Computer Lab, under the Multimedia Editing Sign. Log in with your ULID and password.

Help with Sibelius:

  • Link to Sibelius 7 documentation
  • To save a score as a PDF...
    • Open score (.SIB file) in Sibelius
    • File-->Print
    • Select CutePDF Writer as the printer
    • Make sure "print to file" option is not checked
    • Click OK
    • Save the file as a PDF to the location of your choice
  • Contact the music librarian for further assistance: 309-438-5464 or

Soundproof Booth

Milner Library has a soundproof Wenger studio booth! The booth is located in the northwest corner of the sixth floor; it is unlocked and can be used any time the library is open. Patrons can use this space for recording audio and video projects in a sound-controlled environment. The booth contains a multimedia computer loaded with audio and video editing software, as well as desktop and web publishing software.

Listening Station

A turntable, cassette tape deck, and CD player are located in the multimedia center on Floor 2. Patrons may check out headphones at the circulation desk.