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This guide covers the different types of music resources available at Milner Library.

Searching the Catalog

Use the library's online catalog to explore recordings for the Machaut and Ventadorn pieces (and many other composers, of course!) in the library's collection. Follow these steps:

1. Search the Milner Library Catalog (the main search box on the library home page)

2. Click on Advanced Search

3. Enter the composer on one line and the work title on another line, limit the Material Type to "sound recordings," click Search

Citing Your Sources

For this assignment, you will need to cite your recording sources correctly according to Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

Click here for help citing physical recordings

Click here for help citing online recordings

In-Class Activity

Let's go through the process together of locating two recordings of one of the works. One recording will be on a CD and the other will be on Naxos Music Library. You may be asked to find a score instead of a recording. We will work in pairs.

Find a teammate! Draw a slip of paper (the work you will search for) from the canister.

Enter the CD’s (or score's) information into the online catalog

Note the call number

Go get it from the shelves

Bring the item back to the classroom

Then locate a recording on Naxos Music Library.

Naxos Music Library IDS Playlists

Below are links to two playlists on Naxos Music Library. Each playlist has multiple recordings of the same work, making it easy for you to access different interpretations by different artists. 

Streaming Audio and Video Databases

External USB CD Players

Want to listen to a CD but don't have a disc drive? You have a couple options:

The library has five external USB disc players that you can check out to play CDs. Go to the Circulation Desk on the main floor of the library and ask staff for a player. Check it out with your student ID card.

Many of the library's desktop computers have built-in disc players you can use.