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Teaching Materials Center: Multicultural Books

Multicultural Books (click image to open catalog record)

Multicultural Books (click image to open catalog record)

Multicultural Books

Multicultural books are in all areas of the Teaching Materials Center (Easy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc.).

To find multicultural books in the TMC, start at the library catalog.

1. You can start with a keyword search like "multicultural" or  "Cross-cultural" or "Manners and customs" or "Customs and Practices,"  multiculturalism, or multicultural education, food habits, festivals/celebrations. (Remember to limit the search to the TMC!)

2. You can also isolate a specific aspect of a culture that you would like to explore, or you can search more broadly with a keyword search for a country, ethnicity,  or geographic region (keyword search for Japan or Japanese, Vietnam/Vietnamese for example).

3. If you find a book that you like, look at the subject headings that are used in the catalog and click on them for more books within that subject.

Always remember to Limit your search to the TMC - watch this video to find out how.

Remember, books in the Easy section of the TMC are generally for younger grades (K - 2), and books in the Fiction section are generally for grade 3 and up.

These are not bilingual books but they do contain vocabulary terms and a glossary.

Multicultural Books (click image to open record)