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ART 395 - History and Theory of the Museum

Research resources and tips for Dr. Friedman's course, Spring 2024

Finding Exhibition Catalogs and Books

Try keywords such as exhibition title, artist, museum, gallery, etc.

Tip: Add the word "exhibitions" to your search. Example: Kara Walker exhibitions

You can also use the Milner Catalog to find other kinds of books/eBooks

What's In An Exhibition Catalog?

  • High quality images of all works included in the exhibition
  • Label information for each work, such as creator, title, medium, dimensions, date, etc.
  • In-depth essays by curators, artists, critics, historians who were involved in developing the exhibit or are knowledgeable of the featured  theme(s) and artist(s)
  • Reference lists (bibliographies) of research material associated the essays and the exhibit

Example Catalogs