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America's Promise (Nursing)

An online library guide with resources to support the America's Promise clinical program at Illinois State University's Mennonite College of Nursing.

Online Resources

While there are physical items that may be useful to you in the library, there are also online resources such as websites and streaming video which you may want to consult. Some examples of resources for commonly requested categories are outlined below. 


Streaming Video: Kanopy

Kanopy has an extensive set of online tutorials available if you have questions regarding use of the resource. Whether you wish to search for a title, need assistance with closed captioning or subtitles, or wish to create your own title watchlists, Kanopy's help system has a significant amount of illustrated information to help you get started. 

Do you still have questions? Are you experiencing technical issues? Please reach out to your Milner Librarians for additional assistance!

Example Videos

Nursing Librarian

Profile Photo
Laura Killingsworth
Room 515
Subjects: Nursing

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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Caitlin Stewart
Milner Library: Office 614C
(309) 438 - 3442