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CTK 450: Design & Aesthetic Issues in Arts Technology: Home

A starting point for research projects in CTK 450 (Fall 2020)

Recommended Databases

Databases providing scholarly research:

Databases providing "how to" information:

For even more databases, follow this link:

Recommended Scholarly Publications (Journals)

Research Tips

  • Skim to save time when choosing scholarly articles. Read the abstract and conclusion first. If the article still seems useful, proceed to skim the rest of it; otherwise, continue to look for other sources.
  • Follow leads, such as: following subject links and/or headings; looking for other works by the same author; looking at other articles in the same periodical; following up on references found in the reading(s).
  • Take note of terms, phrases and concepts that are relevant to your research. Search them to find even more information.
  • Overall, use a variety of source types to get the most complete range of perspectives. Your own perspective is also valuable and part of this research 'conversation'.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help! Think of your librarian as a research coach who can help you problem-solve and enhance your research strategy.

How to Read a Scholarly Article

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