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*I'm a Grad Student! Now what?

Top 5 on the Grad Student "to do" list

  • Do you have your Redbird ID Card? The office is in Bone Student Center, right off the plaza (across from Milner Library)
    • Open this link to learn about adding money at stations OR online and locations (food for instance)where it is accepted
    • You will need the card for printing at the library and other departments.
    • Need it for Campus Recreation.
    • Redbird card allows you to commute for free using Connect Transit.
  • Please, sign up for Emergency Alerts
    • "Alerts are typically sent for the following emergencies: person with a weapon, shots fired, active shooter, armed robbery, bomb threat, hostage situation, explosion, fire, tornado, earthquake, structural collapse and hazardous materials incident.  Other incident types may warrant an ISU Emergency Alert and will be judged on a case-by-case basis".
  • Tech Zone  helps with aggravating computers
    • Located in Bone Student Center--just off the Plaza (across from Milner Library) at the end of hall.
    • You can also purchase, at student discount, computers, some supplies
  • Who doesn't love and use Google and all the offerings however, ISU provides the full suite of Office 365.
    • Find it after you log-in to MY ISU (top right of all ISU webpages-
  • Milner Library
  • Eating on campus
    • There are also coffee shops in College of Business (COB), College of Fine Arts (CFA)--the Airport Lounge, Milner Library.  Let us know if we missed other locations.
  • Within walking distance just surrounding the campus are restaurants--Main Street, Downtown Normal; bus service to others on Veterans Parkway (Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, fast-food etc.)
  • Groceries are fairly close--both traditional (Kroger, Walmart, Target, Schnucks etc.) as well as specialty: organic, Indian
  • Coffee, Tea etc.
    • CoffeeHound in downtown Normal (by the theater)
    • Einstein's in the Bone and Milner Library
    • Starbucks in the Rec Center
    • Fusion Brew on Main St. sort'a kind'a close to College of Business
    • Coffee House in downtown Normal, closer to Linden Ave.
  • Yes, you really can eat in the library just don't leave a mess on the materials or the tables.
  • You have your very own librarian!  Find yours! (search by subject or specific discipline).
  • You have your own Graduate Services section within the library
  • There are 2 types of library accounts--you will need both. 
    • iShare--has its own login and password
      • For almost all academic libraries within the State of Illinois
    • ILL or InterLibrary Loan (uses your usual ISU login or ULID and password)
      • Mostly for libraries outside the State of Illinois
      • Requesting articles too!
  • As a Graduate Student, you are granted longer borrowing time privileges
  • The Library is often open until 0300 (3 AM)
  • Spaces--where things are, where to study, maps of the library
    • Where are those spaces?  Here is a map
  • Library Lingo--what are these people talking about! 
    • Includes translations of common terms

Come meet us--we really would like to visit with you! 

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