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TCH 264 - Language Arts Instruction Strategies

A guide meant to provide or supplement library instruction to support the integrated multicultural unit and refection assignment.

Library Activity Overview

“Literacy for Change”: Integrated Multicultural Unit  & Reflection

While you should consult your assignment description for specific requirements, ultimately you will collaboratively design an integrated multicultural unit. This unit will include a description of at least 20 texts around a critical issue connected to literacy and science OR social studies OR social emotional learning that is directly connected to a topic that investigates social issues, social change, and advocacy.

It is encouraged to then use/implement at least a few of these texts in your clinical placement as a reading or writing workshop activity (examples include: interactive read-aloud, shared reading, independent reading workshop, guided reading, independent writing workshop, word study, and literature circle).

This guide will outline an example of what 20 texts on a single topic might look like and help to bridge questions about using them in the classroom.

You will work in groups for this library activity to review a sub-section of materials from an example text set for fifth graders on Women's Voting Rights. This library guide is NOT an example of a completed assignment. In fact, you will be investigating one text in more depth featured on this guide, before discussing with your group, to learn more about what is expected from the annotations in your completed assignment.

Groups include:

  1. An Introduction to Voting for Kids (Texts 1-4)
  2. Women's Fight to Vote - 19th Amendment (Texts 5-8)
  3. Continued Barriers to Women Voting (Texts 9-12)
  4. Women's Voting Rights Around the World (Texts 13-16)
  5. Voting Today! (Texts 17-20)

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