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THE 176a02 - Arts and Society:Film

Research advice and resources for Prof. Reimer's class, Fall 2023

Recommended Article Databases

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Research Tips

  • Research = learning and asking questions, not just 'proving a point'.
  • Write down research ideas as you go along, using any method that works for you. This can help reveal and clarify ideas and directions.
  • Aim to find just 1-3 promising resources to start. It's not necessary to gather all sources in one sitting. You can build as you go.
  • Take note of terms, phrases and concepts that are relevant to your research. Search them to find even more information.
  • Use a variety of source types to get the most complete range of perspectives. Your own perspective is also valuable and part of this research 'conversation'.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help! Think of your librarian as a research coach who can help you problem-solve.

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