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AGR 109 - Introduction to the Agricultural Industry

Research guide for students in AGR109 - Introduction to the Agricultural Industry.

Library Resources for Finding Company Information

Company Research Databases

Here is a slightly adapted version of the very helpful chart in the BUS 100 guide by Business Librarian Danielle Futoran. It summarizes the types of business information you can find in each of six recommended resources.

The first five resources are library databases.  Their links take you to the BUS 100 guide pages that provide direct links to the databases and information about how to use each database to find company information.

Resource Here you can find: 
Nexis Uni Company name, ticker and exchange, address, year founded, business description, competitors, number of employees, company hierarchy.
S&P Global NetAdvantage Company name, ticker and exchange, address, business description, stock price, gross income, net income, industry profile.
ProQuest One Business Company news, company overview, industry news, industry profile, company history.
Business Source Complete Company news, SWOT analysis, industry news, scholarly articles, company history.
10-K (EDGAR) Company name, ticker and exchange, address, business description, gross income, net income. 
Company website Company name, gross income, net income, company history including major events.

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