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IDS 128 - Thriving in College, Career and Beyond

Finding Articles

The best way to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles at Milner Library is by using the Articles Search. When using the Articles Search, we recommend breaking down your search into individual keywords by identifying the most important parts of your research question or topic.

For example, if our research questions is focused on whether college athletes should be paid, we might pick "college athletes" and "pay" as our two keywords. From there, we can also brainstorm some additional keywords in case our first search doesn't work, or if we want to change our results. For example, instead of "pay," you might search for "compensation" or "labor."

Try searching for Reggie's topic using the Articles Search, or using Academic Search Complete.

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Scholarly articles, also known as peer reviewed articles or academic journal articles, often follow a similar format. This format may be different than what you are accustomed to reading, and understanding the anatomy of a scholarly article can help you read the content most effectively. Use the interactive infographic below to learn about the format and elements of a scholarly article.

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