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IDS 128 - Thriving in College, Career and Beyond

Class Activity

Reggie Redbird has an assignment in his ENG 101 class to write a 5-7 page paper. He must use at least one peer-reviewed article and one book from Milner Library. Reggie has selected the impact of social media on the mental health of college students as his topic. The paper has to be formatted in APA style and include a reference list.  

Our plan for today is to break up in small teams and help Reggie out! Each team will have a couple of challenges to solve. The first team to finish all of their challenges, correctly, will win some library swag.


Team Article 

  • What does peer review mean? How do you know if something is peer reviewed? 

  • Locate one peer reviewed article on Reggie’s topic. Describe your process for finding the article, including any search terms, where you searched, etc.  

  • Now that you’ve found an article, how would you send this to Reggie?  

Team Book 

  • Locate one book on Reggie’s topic. Describe your process to find the book, search terms, where you searched? 

  • How would you find this book to give it to Reggie? Why did you select this book for Reggie?  

  • If Reggie wanted to browse the library shelves for information about social media, where should he head to in the library? 

Team APA 

Ask a Milner Librarian