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National and Global Statistics

This site is designed to illustrate the broad range of statistics available nationally and internationally.

Government Reports

US State Department

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

This multi-volume annual report provides country narratives on internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights.  Also, found in Floor 4 Documents shelves: Y 4.IN 8/16-15:year

Trafficking in Persons Report

This annual report offers country narratives focusing on modern-day slavery and slavery-related practices.

United Nations

Human Development Reports

This annual report produced as an independent report commissioned for UN's Development Programme and provides human development trends in most developing countries.

Human Rights Watch

Under Publications and Reports, see issue titled, Women's Rights, covering issues such as domestic violence, women's legal status, trafficking in women, and reproductive choice.  



Population Bulletin

Journal explores current domestic and international population issues and trends. Written for a general audience by noted experts, they present population topics in clear and objective text with colorful graphics. (Published by the Population Reference Bureau)

Also from the the Population Reference Bureau, 2010 World Population Data Sheet 

Data sheet provides charts on population, health, and environment data and estimates for countries and regions of the world. 


Subject Guide

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