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Biological Sciences

This guide is a starting point for all students and faculty within the School of Biological Sciences.. Resources noted here will help you with all aspects of your classes and research.


Milner Library's collection of print biology books (and bound periodicals since 2000) is located on Floor 5 of Milner Library in the following call number ranges. 

You can also find biology e-books by searching for a topic in the Milner catalog and then limiting to "Books" under Resource Type and "Available online" under Availability.


QH  Natural History, General Biology, Biochemistry, Evolution, Genetics, Ecology, Cell Biology
QK Botany, Plant Ecology
QL Zoology, Animal Behavior, Animal Anatomy, Parasitology, Embryology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Physiology, Animal Biochemistry
QR Microbiology, Immunology, Virology
SD Forestry
SH Fisheries
SK Wildlife Management
TP 248 Biotechnology

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