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SOC 493.01: Pro-Seminar in Sociology (Dougherty): Reference Sources

Reference Sources

 All sources are located on Floor 2 in the Reference shelves.

 Encyclopedia of Sociology.   Ref.  HM  425 .E5  2000.
            Five volumes including nearly 400 lengthy essays written by authorities in each area.  Topics covered include:  class and race, demography, family roles, gender, organizational structure, postmodernism, social mobility and work and occupations.  Extensive index at the end of volume 5.

 21st Century  Sociology:  A Reference Handbook.  Ref.  HM  585 .A13 2007  and (Online).
            This two volume set is a collection of over 100 articles on all aspects of sociology including demography, crime, environment, feminism, politics, social movements, etc. 

Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology                                           2011 (Online)

 Dictionary of Sociology                                                       Ref.  HM 425 .D5735 2014

Sage Handbook of Sociology                                                 Ref.  HM 586 .S24 2005

Sage Handbook of Sociology, Work and Employment               2016 (Online)

Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems, Volume 1                 2018 (Online)

 Encyclopedia of Social Theory                                                     2007 (Online)

International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology                  Ref. HM 548 .I58 2006

Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology                    Ref. HM 585 .C65396 2014

 Handbook of the Sociology of Gender.                                   2018 (Online)

 Sourcebook of Family Theory & Research.                            Ref.  HQ 728 .S639 2005

 Racial and Ethnic Diversity                                                     2013 (Online)

Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment                                   HV 6017 (Online)

 Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior             2009 (Online)

 Encyclopedia of Aging                                                            Ref.  HQ 1061 .E53 2006

 International Handbook of Environmental Sociology                2010 (Online)

 Encyclopedia of Social Measurement                                      Ref.  H 62 .E53 2005

 Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods                       2008  (Online)

 Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods              2004 (Online)















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